COVID-19 disclaimer

First off, it must be stated clearly that, depending on the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and the situation in Czechia prior to the event, the conference, the demonstration tours and/or the exhibition may take place partly or fully virtual and appropriate means of communication will be installed in order to offer the best possible user experience despite any possible restrictions.

The team of #SafeRoadsTODAY will take best possible care together with our partner URBIS to guarantee for your safety in any physical part of the event. A physical conduction however depends on numerous different factors that are likely to change quickly and in unforeseeable ways, so we currently cannot guarantee any physical parts of the Roadshow. What we can guarantee is our utmost dedication to making the event reality. There will definitely be a C-ITS Roadshow in June 2021 and it will definitely be connected to URBIS. Planning and conception for virtual options are mature and will provide you with decent impressions of how harmonised C-ITS is implemented in Europe.

Nevertheless, we would like to draw your attention to certain aspects surrounding the #SafeRoadsTODAY event and, should physical attendance be an option for you, ask you to gather the most recent information that influence your travel and accomodation. This means that you should inform yourself in due time about the conditions for travelling and local obligations, which are usually available at the website of your national Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as at the Ministry of the interior of the Czech Republic. The C-Roads Platform cannot be held accountable to any compensation claims arising from travel restrictions.

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