Workgroup Organisational Aspects of C-ITS

  • Analyze and describe the cooperation needed for the roll-out of C-ITS in different organisational environments in Europe, starting from a leading role of public actors (e.g. Road operators or authorities) with interactions with private entities and service providers to other settings were public and private organisations contribute to the delivery of C-ITS Services.
  • Collect and investigate solutions to overcome known and newly identified legal barriers and obstacles (including privacy issues) related to C-ITS. Most important will be their appropriate documentation so that other partners and stakeholders will have the possibility to apply these to their own operating environments and assess if they could pose dangers to the implementation of their services.
  • Connection to other Working Groups on strategies for attracting and involving end users.
  • Collection and exchange of business models for the deployment of C-ITS infrastructures. Focus here is the business case of public authorities and road operators, including expectations towards improved safety, improved efficiency, and reduced negative environmental impact.