C-Roads Austria (Graz)


The city of Graz is the second largest city in Austria. Two important motorways girdle the urban area in the West and the South, one including a 10 km long tunnel (the “Plabutschtunnel”). During incidents on the motorways, the urban network serves as a bypass. Therefore, these roads are regularly congested and the city is facing a high additional traffic volume. Paired with the very special geographical location of Graz in a basin, heavy air pollution (especially particle matter) is a common threat in the area.

C-Roads 2 provides a broad range of opportunities to face these problems. On one hand, possible solutions can be implemented fairly easily, like dynamic speed regulations or a warning for slow vehicles. Other, (technologically) more challenging solutions, like broadcasted congestion information or even dynamic traffic regulation and smart routing information could be introduced.

Another topic, which the project team will take a deeper look into, is the transition between the motorway and the feeder road. The consistency and reliability of data sent must be guaranteed at any point. Therefore, some structural topics and connecting issues need to be discussed with the motorway operator.

Besides the end-user-oriented approach, the project teams works together with the local transport provider to elaborate use cases for the public transport and communal services. In these applications, the service personnel will be the main target group. So far a substantial number of ideas has been gathered, whereas the next step is to work out a possible (technological) solution for implementation.

For 2021 the main goal is to implement and test the installed infrastructure. Besides that the first successful implementation of a public transport use case is planned.


  • Project start: 01/2019
  • Infrastructure available: the first RSUs are installed at the beginning of 2021
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