Working Group Technical Aspects

The focus of this Working Group are technical standardisation and interfacing issues in order to be able to provide a common standard repository in the shape of a web service, incorporating interface description to data and services within the pilot sites.

This includes dedicated monitoring of standards, identification of relevant aspects and alignment with respective pilot requirements.

Traffic management issues, such as usage and processing of data for traffic management, will be identified and integrated into the overall picture of influencing factors, which will also contain the link to urban environments.

In order to ensure C-ITS service consistency for users, recommendations from the road operator’s point of view on the visualisation or presentation of messages on HMIs will be discussed.

Overall goals of the working group are, among others:

  • to give recommendations on driver information through C-ITS services
  • the harmonisation of current and future C-ITS services (Day 1, Day 1.5 and later)
  • to contribute to the definition and implementation of a harmonised communication profile for C-ITS pilot services on road infrastructures all across Europe

Solutions to be elaborated include:

  • a harmonised C-ITS road infrastructure communication profile for all C-Roads pilots covering the day one services
  • a C-Roads approach for dealing with security issues for C-ITS service provision and secure communication within the EU C-ITS Trust model
  • a C-ITS road infrastructure profile for improving traffic safety for “on railway level” crossings
  • Common Test and Validation procedures for implementing C-ITS Services in Europe
  • how drivers can effectively be supported in understanding C-ITS messages delivered via different channels and consistent with their driving environment
  • the methodology for dissemination of C-ITS messages by different communication technologies and their interactions with changing service platforms
  • mechanisms to distribute communication certificates to all C-ITS-stations in a secure way and enable trustful communication in the C-ITS network
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