Working Group Urban C-ITS Harmonisation

WG4 is dedicated to City Authorities interested in the C-Roads Platform. These cities can discuss between themselves (with the support of the C-Roads Platform partners) their specific requirements for the C-ITS roll out. Here a reflection of the platform work already done will be performed with a clear focus on changes/adoptions that need to be made on existing publications to make them applicable as well for urban areas. The output of the work will not be a single report, but inputs to the work already undertaken by existing C-Roads Platform groups. In addition, the Urban Working Group is expected to work together towards strategies for the introduction of harmonised C-ITS services in urban areas. The main topics are C-ITS aspects of high relevance to cities like public transport priority at traffic lights or dynamic parking management. The benefit of WG4 will be to have one interface with the OEMs facilitate support services delivered by city authorities.

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