C-Roads Activities

The main specification and definition work will be performed by the Working Groups.

The common elements in all pilot activities, but also in the single topics are hereby of high importance for the overall success of the C-Roads Platform.

At the start of the C-Roads Platform there are three Working Groups planned, with the option that further topics will be added if needed in order to achieve interoperable pilot deployments. The Working Groups contain the main aspects of work to reach the overall C-Roads objectives.
If during the performance of the activities and pilots additional work items are needed, the C-Roads Platform Steering Committee will decide about additional/adopted work groups or task forces.

From the beginning following Working Groups and Task Forces are agreed:

  1. Working Group C-ITS Organisation
  2. Working Group Technical Aspects
  3. Working Group Evaluation and Assessment
  4. Working Group Urban C-ITS Harmonisation
  5. Working Group Digital Transport Infrastructure (DTI)



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