Harmonisation of C-ITS related deployments throughout Europe

Through the C-Roads Platform, authorities and road operators join together to harmonise the deployment activities of cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) across Europe. The goal is to achieve the deployment of interoperable cross-border C-ITS services for road users.

The C-Roads Platform is steered by the C-Roads Steering Committee which is composed by Member State representatives. With the support of the Supporting Secretariat, decisions for achieving the goal of the implementation of interoperable end-user services are done. In this respect specifications, which are proposed and recommended by specific Working Groups, are approved. These specifications are the basis for the single pilot activities. This especially goes with technical decisions, which influence deployment and procurement decisions at pilot sites.

Working Groups are installed as decision support for the Steering Committee to ensure proper decisions towards interoperable deployments. Individual experts participating in the single pilots work together in these Working Groups to prepare proposals and recommendations.

Additionally, the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency as well as associated member State representatives are invited to follow and actively participate to discussions at all C-Roads Platform levels.

The governance structure of the platform can be seen in the following picture.

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