The C-Roads Platform is co-funded through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), but is an open platform.
Therefore representatives from all ongoing C-ITS deployment activities all across Europe are working together towards interoperable C-ITS services for European travellers.

The aim of the C-Roads Platform is to develop harmonised specifications taking the EU-C-ITS platform recommendations into account, linking all C-ITS deployments and planning intensive cross-testing. The C-Roads Platform is making cross-border C-ITS services a reality today and building the foundations for connected and automated vehicles.

This work is key for making European roads safer for citizens, traffic more efficient and reducing harmful emissions from transport. This will also benefit European economy as a whole as it needs a safe, reliable and efficient transport system.


C-ITS Cooperation between C2C-CC and C-Roads Platform


The CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium and the C-Roads Platform have just signed a Memorandum of Understanding for enabling a close cooperation between the automotive industry, road authorities, and road operators for preparing the deployment of initial cooperative ITS services across Europe by 2019. Short-range wireless communication from VehicletoVehicle (V2V) and VehicletoInfrastructure (V2I) – based on the ITS-G5 standard (IEEE 802.11p) – represents together with hybrid communication technologies an essential cornerstone towards safe connected automated driving. Both partners strongly support the recommendation developed by the European Commission’s C-ITS Deployment Platform to utilise short range communication in the 5.9 GHz frequency band. In accordance with the European C-ITS strategy (COM (2016) 766) adopted in November 2016, the hybrid communication approach builds on combining short-range ITS-G5 and wide area cellular and broadcast communication under a complementary principle. [more]

C-Roads at 'Connected and Automated Driving' in Brussels


Martin Böhm, General Secretary of C-Roads, explains how to establish the basis for cooperative, connected and automated driving at the 'Connected and Automated Driving – Together, shaping the future' conference in Brussels. [more]


Consortium partners

Consortium partners Belgium / Flanders pilot

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C-Roads Belgium / Flanders

The main objective of the C-Roads Flemish pilot is to operate and assess the deployment of a cloud based ‘virtual infrastructure’ for an effective deployment of C- ITS services connecting road users with the Traffic...

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