The C-Roads Platform is co-funded through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), but is an open platform.
Therefore representatives from all ongoing C-ITS deployment activities all across Europe are working together towards interoperable C-ITS services for European travellers.

The aim of the C-Roads Platform is to develop harmonised specifications taking the EU-C-ITS platform recommendations into account, linking all C-ITS deployments and planning intensive cross-testing. The C-Roads Platform is making cross-border C-ITS services a reality today and building the foundations for connected and automated vehicles.

This work is key for making European roads safer for citizens, traffic more efficient and reducing harmful emissions from transport. This will also benefit European economy as a whole as it needs a safe, reliable and efficient transport system.


ASECAP issues position regarding LTE-V2X in the 5GHz band


Cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) are currently deployed by road operators, particularly under the umbrella of the C-Roads platform, while major vehicle manufacturers announced mass deployment by 2019. [more]

C-Roads: News from Routes/Roads


In the latest isues from Routes/Roads, Martin Böhm presented Europe's C-Roads Platform:

Paving the Ground to...



C-Roads Austria

The Austrian pilot contributes to interoperable European C-ITS solutions starting from the EU C-ITS Corridor. The implementation is linked to the C-ITS Strategy AUSTRIA of the Ministry for Transport, Innovation and...

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Consortium partners Belgium / Flanders pilot

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