C-Roads and POLIS sign a collaboration note

Being aware of the advantages of implementing Cooperative Mobility Services for improving traffic safety, mobility management and emission reduction, while aiming to scaling up and multiplying the expected benefits for Cities, POLIS and C-Roads signed a collaboration note at the ITS European Congress in Toulouse in May.

POLIS is a network of city and regional authorities promoting sustainable mobility and transport innovation. POLIS facilitates the sharing of experiences and knowledge among its members and with the broader transport community on a wide range of transport topics, including parking, active travel, urban freight, clean vehicles and infrastructure, traffic management, road safety and governance, among others. ITS have been at the heart of the POLIS network since its foundation in the 1990s.

The C-Roads platform is a joint initiative of European Member States and road operators deploying C-ITS services based on common communication profiles all across Europe in order to significantly improve mobility safety and efficiency by exchanging information between vehicles and road infrastructure. With the intent to ensure the desired spill over effect, from the achievements and lessons learned between the automotive industry and road operators, these communication profile specifications are made accessible to third parties. In addition, a specific C-Roads Working Group (WG4) is currently dedicated to supporting City Authorities interested in the deployment of Cooperative ITS in Urban and Metropolitan domains.

The collaboration enables pooling of knowledge within both parties. Joining forces to have a stronger voice in C-ITS developments and deployments is an additional focus of the collaboration. Raising awareness of C-ITS among city and regional authorities and fostering discussion on the role of urban C-ITS for all modes of transport, are other objectives that will be achieved through this partnership. C-ITS ambassadors in cities will support and accompany these processes. Ambassadors are experts, which act as point-of-contact for specific topics with external and internal stakeholders and try to identify and manage challenges and tasks related to that topic. The collaboration will additionally support the identification of urban C-ITS deployment challenges and identify counter-measures to address them.

This cooperation is an essential step for the development of urban C-ITS. The C-Roads partners are looking forward to a variety of engaging discussions and knowledge exchanges in the future.

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