C-Roads Austria (Salzburg)


The main goal of the Salzburg C-ITS Pilot is to communicate traffic information from the Salzburg Traffic Management Centre (TMC) such as traffic events, strategic routes, traffic light states and parking information to C-ITS-enabled vehicles. Additionally, the prioritization of public transport and emergency vehicles at traffic signal will be tested. Therefore, 25 strategic locations along four major road corridors through the city centre will be equipped with RSUs. A specific characteristic of the Salzburg C-ITS Pilot is that the C-ITS functionality will be deployed as standalone system connecting to the existing Traffic Management Centre and ITS via standardized protocols. The C-ITS functionality is realized using open source software technologies such as the Apache ActiveMQ Artemis message broker. Therefore, from the beginning, the C-ITS deployment will support the C-Roads IP Based Profile to connect to other C-ITS systems.

The following Day 1 services and use cases are planned:

Probe Vehicle Data (PVD) 

  • PVD – Vehicle Data Collection (PVD-VDC) 
  • PVD – Event Data Collection (PVD-EDC)

Road Works Warning (RWW) 

  • RWW - Lane closure (and other restrictions) (RWW-LC)
  • RWW - Road closure (RWW-RC)

In-Vehicle Signage (IVS) 

  • IVS – Dynamic Speed Limit Information (IVS-DSLI) 
  • IVS – Embedded VMS „Free Text“ (IVS-EVFT)

Signalized Intersection (SI)

  • SI – Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (SI-GLOSA)
  • SI – Traffic Light Prioritisation (SI-TLP)
  • SI – Signal Phase and Timing Information (SI-SPTI)

Hazardous Location Notification (HLN)

  • HLN – Emergency Vehicle Approaching (HLN-EVA)
  • HLN - Public Transport Vehicle Approaching (HLN-PTVC)
  • HLN - Public Transport Vehicle in a Stop (HLN-PTVS)


The following Day 1.5 use cases are planned:

  • Traffic information and smart routing (both for detour traffic and public events)
  • Connected & Cooperative navigation into and out of the city (1st and last mile, parking, route advice, coordinated traffic lights)
  • Park & Ride information

Location Description

As one of the leading tourist hotspots in the world, the City of Salzburg is continuously struggling with high traffic loads. C-ITS technology can help to communicate traffic information via standardized protocols to C-ITS enabled vehicles to optimize traffic flows.


  • Start: June 2019/End: May 2023
  • Milestones 2020: First deloyments of RSUs, PVD as first use case
  • Milestones 2021: RSUs deployed, RWW and IVS use cases deployed
  • Milestones 2022: SI and HLN use cases deployed
  • In total the deployment of 25 RSUs on 5 road corridors is planned


Existing and planned road corridors and RSU locations in and around the City of Salzburg
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