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The Austrian pilot contributes to interoperable European C-ITS solutions starting from the EU C-ITS Corridor. The implementation is linked to the C-ITS Strategy AUSTRIA of the Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology - bmvit, which defines the C-ITS deployment steps for the years till 2020 in an organisational framework, including the cooperation with public entities and industrial stakeholders.

The Austrian C-Roads-Pilot builds on the core elements of the EU C-ITS Corridor project in Austria (ECo_AT) and extends them to a motorway based network of C-ITS stations in 2020, as defined in the Austrian C-ITS  Strategy.

Location Description

The Austrian C-Roads pilot site stretches from Vienna to Salzburg and includes the Linz area. In western Austria the C-Roads-Pilot covers the A12 and A13 motorway sections around Innsbruck. In the south the test site will be set up around the city of Graz. In this way C-Roads Austria comprises road network elements of three different TEN-T corridors, namely Baltic-Adriatic, Rhine-Danube and Scandinavian-Mediterranean.

Implementing Bodies

Pilot activities at single test and validation locations are prepared by the Austrian motorway operator ASFINAG. In most cases, the locations will be gantries where C-ITS units are installed and can be accessed without restrictions to passing by traffic flows of vehicles. Furthermore mobile road side units are planned e.g. on road works warning trailers.


The schedule starts from the availability of an agreed EU C-ITS security solution ready for implementation and validation in 2016.

From 2017 on, ITS-G5 Road Side Units are installed and connected to the central C-ITS-station with live traffic data feeds from the Traffic Management Centre (TMC). 

The Austria C-Roads pilot site becomes operational with 30km of the Austrian test location equipped.  Later in the same year, the equipping of in total 300km of Austrian motorway starts.

In 2018, cross-site tests will be carried out with the first two C-Roads pilot locations.

From Q3 2018 on, 300km of the Austrian pilot sites are fully operational with connections between TMC and the central C-ITS-stations and the service distribution to all C-ITS stations.

Key Performance Indicators

The Austrian C-Roads-Pilot consists of four project phases, for which also performance indicators are defined. These start with the core elements of the EU C-ITS Corridor project in Austria (ECo_AT) and lead to a motorway based network of C-ITS stations in 2020.

First, in the specification phase of Day-1-C-ITS-services, partners in the national pilots work on specifications of three common C-ITS services and harmonise them with other C-Roads national pilots in Europe.

In 2017 piloting and cross-site testing, including a common C-ITS security solution, will be implemented in the C-ITS stations.

2018 will see the start of regular pilot operation and live data feed from the TMC in single areas.

By 2020 network segments-wide C-ITS operation including access to vehicle data and enhanced message distribution to all travellers on the road will take place.


Austrian C-Roads Pilot Map
The Austrian C-Roads-Pilot will encompass selected areas of heavily frequented national motorway networks. This includes the Vienna city motorway A23 and the adjacent surrounding motorway sections. The site stretches from Vienna to Salzburg and includes the area near to Linz as well. Other parts of the motorway network near to the cities of Innsbruck in western and Graz in southern Austria are as well part of the C-Roads pilot and part of the three TEN-T road corridors.
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