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The Danish pilot was part of the NordicWay 2 project (2017-2020) and currently part of the NordicWay 3 project’s (2019-2023) pilots running in the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The main objectives of the NordicWay Actions are to deploy pilot studies in order to further develop interoperable Day-1 and Day-1.5 C-ITS services and support infrastructure readiness for connected and automated driving in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

NordicWay 2 project (2017-2020):

  • Contributed to the harmonisation and interoperability of the C-ITS services in Europe with requirements agreed by the C-Roads Platform. •
  • Supported the deployment of new "Day-1” and “Day-1,5” C-ITS services in Nordic countries and extend its use in vital road freight transport routes subject to extreme weather conditions and in urban and interurban environments.
  • Supported the infrastructure readiness for connected and automated driving in Nordic countries in snowy and icy arctic conditions.
  • Evaluation results (2020) include technical feasibility, ecosystem and business models, socio-economic impacts of the piloted Day-1 and Day-1.5 C-ITS services as well as the effect on user´s mobility and traffic behaviours and on public acceptance. Final evaluation results are available in www.nordicway.net.

NordicWay 3 project (2019-2023) will continue to harmonise and build European C-ITS interoperability in the C-Roads Platform (www.nordicway.net).

Location Description

The Danish contribution to NordicWay focuses on the integration of traffic management centres into the NordicWay Interchange network The central systems of the national Danish Traffic Management centre are connected directly to the Interchange network. All messages generated and broadcasted from the Danish Traffic Management centre are available to all NordicWay partners in real-time through the Interchange.

This was among others demonstrated in 2019 during the NordicWay Tour where a car drove through the Nordic countries via the main roads across Denmark and received real-time information on incidents, roadworks and variable speed limits along the entire route. Furthermore, the national traffic management centre is able to receive real-time information from all the other NordicWay partners in order to create a better overview of the current situation on the Danish Roads.

Denmark is contributing within the NordicWay horizontal activities, such as interoperability issues, data sharing, communication and tests – including testing on the Danish road network.

Implementing Bodies

The Danish Road Directorate


  • NordicWay 2 project started in 7th of February 2017 and ended in 31st of December 2020.
  • NordicWay 3 project started 1st of February 2019 and ends in 31st of December 2023.


NordicWay projects are mainly based on cellular cloud communication. Denmark has not deployed Road Side Units in the pilot. Locations from www.nordicway.net front page.
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