C-Roads Hungary


In Hungary, C-ITS deployment started within CROCODILE project Phase I in 2015, the improvement of road safety –especially in work zones – was the key issue. A 136km-long stretch of the M1 motorway between Austria and Budapest was selected for C-ITS services pilot deployment. For maintenance vehicles, mobile RSUs were also installed, which can operate in stand-alone mode as well. The communication between RSUs and OBUs is thus far based solely on ITS G5. The system itself covers ‘Day-1 services’ comply with ECO-AT specifications (‘Traffic jam ahead warning’, ‘Hazardous location notification’, ‘Road works warning’, ‘Weather conditions’, ‘In-vehicle signage’, ‘In-vehicle speed limits’). The system architecture – the 3 components – follows the ECO-AT specifications, to.

In the framework of C-Roads Hungary pilot extension the Implementing Body intends to extend the C-ITS deployment both in terms of geographical coverage, and offered services. The focus shall be put on urban deployment, in particular GLOSA/Time-to-green as well as intersection safety (signal violation). The upgrade should also concern the communication technology – deployment of hybrid DSRC / cellular technology is envisaged in near future.

Location Description

With the extension, major part of motorway M7 (Mediterranean corridor) will be covered, and urban deployment will be carried out in the city of Győr by motorway M1 (Orient-East Med corridor). In order to improve coverage and ensure continuity of service, new transceivers and other devices will be implemented on motorway M1 Győr bypass section at the same time. This Győr bypass section is part of the existing 136-km-long M1 pilot section, motorway M1 between km 105-130. In the C-Roads Hungary project we are focusing on motorways M1, M7 and urban pilot in the city of Győr by motorway M1.

Implementing Bodies

Beneficiary: Ministry of National Development (MND)

Implementing body: Hungarian Public Road Non-profit PLC.

Partners planned to be involved:

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE)
  • Budapest Public Road PLC.
  • Automotive Proving Ground Zala LTD. (APZ)
  • City of Győr
  • ITS Hungary Association (dissemination)


  • As the first step, there are plans to evaluate the 2015 pilot section (Q2 2018).
  • Tests will be running from the second half of 2018 till the end of 2020.
  • By the end of 2019 new OBUs and RSUs shall be in operation.
  • The infrastructure of the new urban pilot should be deployed until end of 2019 and shall be operational by mid 2020.
  • Roadshows and cross-tests are planned for 2020.

Key Performance Indicators

C-ITS services will be tested with limited number of dedicated cars and interested car producer representatives will be invited for common testing of their C-ITS systems what we will include in the test reports. At least 20 vehicles will be involved in the testing. At least 10 devices will be used for internal testing and we provide at least 10 devices to our partners for external testing (eg. University). Partners from C-Roads Platform will also be invited to test the interoperability.

The test will be running from the second half of 2018 till the end of 2020. During that time we are collecting the data continuously from the test devices. A minimum of two different types of equipment will be used for testing in the public procurement process to ensure the interoperability. Expected indicators for pilot extension in Hungary:

  • at least 70 new roadside units
  • at least 10 intersections installed with C-ITS functions

Declared output of C-Roads Hungary Pilot is the delivery of extended and tested C-ITS Day-1 service related to motorways and urban areas as well. Besides ITS-G5, cellular communication shall also be implemented and tested for interoperability with the assessment report.

Results will also be presented at various national or international meetings, workshops and conferences. Dissemination activities will be carried out via web portal, social media and C-Roads Hungary Road Show, one for general public and one for ITS stakeholders, together with our dissemination partner ITS Hungary Association.


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