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The pilot in Slovenia formally started in 2016. The main objective is to deploy Day-1 C-ITS services using both short-range ITS-G5 and long-range cellular technologies. Implementing body of the pilot activities is DARS – motorway operator in the Republic of Slovenia.

The C-ITS services were implemented on A1 highway section between Postojna and Divača, which represents a part of the TEN-T core network. The pilot site was carefully chosen due to extreme weather conditions occuring especially during winter time (strong winds, fog, snow storms) which often led to traffic accidents, involving even up to 70 vehicles (in 2016). Overall length of the test site is 24 km, where 9 roadside units are installed on fixed positions. The roadside units are connected to the back-office located in Traffic control centre and Maintenance centre Kozina. Additionally, one mobile roadside station was prepared to broadcast C-ITS messages also in stand-alone mode (e.g. with trailers). The central application, running in the back-office, allows triggering various C-ITS messages to realize use cases of HLN (Hazardous Location Notification), RWW (Road Works Warning) and IVS (In-Vehicle Signage) services according to the C-Roads harmonized specifications. In 2020, the roadside ITS-G5 infrastructure was upgraded and equipped with the PKI to ensure secure C-ITS communications.

Parallel to activities related to ITS-G5 roadside infrastructure, the upgrade of the ITS infrastructure and its integration into real time services have also been running. In 2019, the delivery of traffic information services in real time became operational.

Provision of real time traffic information supports Cloud information services. In 2017, the Cellular connected car activities started, resulting in Location-aware mobile application for end users, which was launched, successfully tested and evaluated in 2019.

The next steps of the C-ITS services deployment in Slovenia in C-Roads 2 are already in progress. In 2020, the pilot implementation of automatic transfer of traffic events from tunnel monitor and control systems into Information Cloud was successfully implemented. Due to the positive results, the project will be extended to other regional Traffic control centres, including automatic transfer of traffic events from other traffic management and control systems. At the same time, the roadside infrastructure will be upgraded by installation of additional ITS-G5 roadside units. The mobile application for end users will be updated with new features to improve user experience. In order to enable hybrid C-ITS solutions, the development of the C-ITS IP Basic Interface is in progress as well, the implementation is planned to be finished in 2021.

Location Description

The Slovenian Pilot takes place at the TEN-T core network and covers 100 km in length. It is located on the A1 highway (section Ljubljana – Koper), A3 (section Divača - Sežana) and H4 (section Razdrto – Vipava), where approximately 30 km of highway-stretch is covered by ITS-G5 microwave signal.

Implementing Bodies

The implementing body of Slovenia is DARS d.d. (Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia). A setup National Action Project Management will ensure that the milestones of the pilot implementation are met as well as the deadlines and targets of the European Services.


The schedule starts from the availability of an agreed EU C-ITS security solution ready for implementation and validation in 2016.

From 2017 on, an upgrade of ITS infrastructure has been carried out including the installation of necessary Roadside Units, which are connected to the central C-ITS-station with live traffic data feeds from the DARS Traffic Management Centre. Connected cars and Cloud information services have been performed in parallel.

In 2019, the pilot site became operational. Cross-site tests will be carried out on pilot locations. The cellular communication is successfully tested, the offsets measured and the data for the process of validation provided. So this part of the pilot is completed. Within this part of the pilot also the foundations for hybrid communication system have been built.

ITS-G5 roadside infrastructure upgraded with PKI and second set of C-ITS Day-1 services implemented in 2020.

Key Performance Indicators

The Slovenian C-Roads-Pilot consists of seven project phases, for which also performance indicators are defined.  

  • Upgrade of the ITS Infrastructure
  • ITS Infrastructure Integration for Real Time Services
  • Availability of Traffic Information  Service in Real Time
  • C-ITS Cellular Connected Car and Cloud Information Services
  • C-ITS-G5 Roadside Infrastructure
  • Location-aware Mobile Application for End Users
  • C-Roads Pilot Slovenia Assessment and Evaluation

The availability of Traffic Information Services in real time and C-ITS-G5 Roadside infrastructure Key Performance Indicators have been reached. Within the cellular part of the C-Roads Slovenia C-ITS pilot, the following Key Performance Indicators have been reached:

  • Availability of Traffic Information Service in Real Time
  • C-ITS Cellular Connected Car and Cloud Information Services
  • Location-aware Mobile Application for End Users


C-ROADS Pilot Map Slovenia
Slovenian Pilot Site
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