United Kingdom


The Traffic Division of British Department for Transport is supporting the development and dissemination of innovative, C-ITS related road solutions.

Based on the work on services from the InterCor pilot, services will be tested along strategic sections of the British part of the TEN-T Core Network.

Location Description

The Services will be tested and demonstrated along the North Sea – Mediterranean TEN-T corridor in England, precisely the motorway-stretch from Dover to the Blackwell Tunnel near London.


The project coordinator is the British Department for Transport; the daily management will be done by the Test site Project Management Team.


The project’s schedule follows the usual path: use case definition, specification, development, validation, deployment. Pilot sites are expected to be ready for driving by the end of 2019, road shows are planned for 2020.

The British contribution to C-Roads needs to be seen in close cooperation with its work on InterCor, where it is expected to have pilots operational by mid 2019.

Key Performance Indicators

The British work on the pilot is concentrated on the fulfilment of the core Day-1 services, namely probe vehicle data, green light optimal speed advisory, in-vehicle signage and road works warning.

The communication will be either G5 only, or hybrid (separate G5 and cellular).

For freight services, important for InterCor, a Cellular Only solution will be established.


UK Pilot Site
The pilotTest site is a part of the North Sea – Mediterranean TEN-T corridor in England, with the motorway-stretch from Dover to the Blackwell Tunnel.
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