C-Roads Czech Republic implements security solution for trusted C-ITS messages

The Czech pilot of C-Roads has developed and launched its own security solution for providing trust in transmitted messages between traffic information service providers and drivers, while ensuring cross-border interoperability of reception early-warning messages anywhere on EU territory.

Cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) are based on communication (data exchange) concerning the early-warning to be aware of potential incidents, collisions or when driving in emergencies may occur, which enable vehicles to interact directly with each other and the surrounding road infrastructure. Due to early-warning messages, a driver can be informed in advance of a risk situation in road traffic in order to be able react in a timely manner and to take the best action at an early stage (according to his or her abilities and skills). Contrary to good weather conditions also in the case of reduced visibility the driver can timely respond and can take a correct driving manoeuvre. C-ITS services have a significant potential to prevent serious road traffic accidents. In this respect, it is necessary to deploy that “technology” which has already been well proven and therefore the use of this technology is secure. Otherwise, deployed system could not be able to properly respond on defined conditions and assumptions and therefore drivers might be exposed to risk situations in road traffic.

Security system for establishing trust between all users (C-Roads Czech Republic project partners) is based on standard PKI principles using asymmetric cryptography and guarantee trust and undeniableness of all transmitted messages with electronic signature of their sender. These security principles eliminate possibility of traffic message forgery because messages without valid certificate or signed by signature of non-trusted issuer will not be processed.

For purposes of C-Roads Czech Republic project O2 Czech Republic delivered the Root certification authority in cooperation with Teska Labs and Faculty of Transportation Sciences Czech Technical University in Prague. This is the key component of security solution and immediately after the accessibility of key European components (Trust List Manager and C-ITS Point of Contact) the Root certification authority will be connected to these components, ensuring thus fully cross-border interoperability.

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