C-Roads Greece: 1st Stakeholder Workshop with great success

The 1st Stakeholders Workshop of C-Roads Greece was held virtually on the 14th December 2020 within the frame of the 6th ITS Hellas Virtual Conference with great success. More than 280 attendees, mainly from Greece and EU member states, had the opportunity to be informed about the deployment of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) in Greece with focus on the test sites (Egnatia Pilot and Attica Pilot) and also to learn about the current status in the field of C-ITS services. Within the frame of the workshop a round table discussion, entitled “Expanding the C-ITS capabilities of Europe’s road network”, was hosted on the presented topics aiming to share experiences and receive valuable feedback from the participants. The workshop’s language was English and it is available online on YouTube (from 7:00:26 to 8:51:50).

The second stakeholder workshop of C-Roads Greece is planned to be held next year in December 2021 where further exciting developments from the Greek pilot are to be announced! Till then stay in the know about C-Roads Greece.

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