ETSI Plug-Test

In the continuous effort to support rapid ITS deployment and to validate the ETSI ITS Release 1 standards, the fifth ETSI-Plugtest was organized in Livorno from the 9th to the 18th of November 2016. It focused on Co-operative Mobile Systems standards from ETSI, CEN and ISO and to test the interoperability of ITS equipment from all key vendors.

Similar to past events, interoperability and conformance tests were conducted.

With the support of infrastructure vendors, the lab testbed was extended with Traffic Management components in order to enable end-to-end interoperability scenarios, while testing ITS protocols at the air interface between On-board Units (OBUs) and Road-Side Units (RSUs).

The ETSI Conformance Validation Framework was used to pre-qualify implementations and was available during the Plugtest.

With the support of Regione Toscana, AVR, Autostrade Tech, Telecom Italia and ITRI access to the Port and the Florence-Livorno highway was provided. ITS infrastructure vendors had the opportunity to deploy RSUs in the Port as well as along the highway and to connect RSUs to the AVR highway control centre.

The scope of the event included base standards such as Security (ETSI TS 103 097), CA Service (ETSI EN 302 637-2), DEN service (ETSI EN 302 637-3), GeoNetworking (ETSI EN 302 636-4-1), ISS/RTP/IVI/ISC infrastructure services (ETSI TS 103 301), Decentralized Congestion Control (TS 103 175), ITS-G5 Channel Models and Performance (TS 103 257), ETSI ES 200 674 and ITS-G5 Mitigation (TS 102 792) as well as on pre-standardisation topics such as Platooning or Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control.

This activity was supported by the European Commission.


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