City Forum

An Opportunity to Discuss Urban C-ITS Policies

The City Forum, organised by the C-Roads Platform, will take place, one day before the Urban C-ITS Contest, on October 19th, 2023 in Porto, Portugal. This one-day event aims to bring cities together to discuss the development of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) policies and their impact on urban environments. Through four informative sessions, participants will address key topics and challenges related to urban C-ITS implementation.

The forum will begin with a welcome and introduction session, setting the stage for productive discussions. The first session, "C-ITS services in urban environments: European state of practice" will showcase successful C-ITS implementations in various European countries and highlight the benefits of harmonization and interoperability.

Then the forum will continue with the session on "C-ITS Impact on traffic management and efficiency". This session will explore the effects of C-ITS strategies on traffic flow and efficiency, with city representatives sharing their experiences and feedback.

The session "The road users' perception of C-ITS" will focus on understanding the perspectives of road users and their suggestions for improving C-ITS services. Insights into driver behavior and opinions will be shared to enhance usability.

In the final session "Challenges for improving C-ITS services in the coming years" strategies for quality monitoring and improving existing systems will be discussed. Additionally future obstacles to foster harmonization and interoperability will be identified.

The City Forum provides a platform for collaboration and idea exchange, driving the advancement of C-ITS policies for safer, more efficient and eco-friendly transportation systems across Europe.

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